MARVIFARM S.A. operates and collaborates with its customers with certified standardized procedures step by step:

The products are taken in a special place that is kept at the right temperature, checked and then delivered for storage in the main storage area.

The products are stored in an area where hygienic and temperature conditions are met, as defined by the most stringent international standards.

The sales process is credible and customer-friendly at all stages: customer briefing, ordering, order execution and final control prior to distribution.

The products are distributed by means of secured means of transport which have a special heat-insulated and air-conditioned space.

During the return periods of overdue products pharmacies are informed in due time of the delivery deadlines and of the products that can be accepted for return. Exceptionally, refunds are also made after special consultation with the pharmacy.

Update information
Our customers are informed either personally by our responsible partners or online, for current issues such as product recalls, newsletters, offers, etc.


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