Based in Nea Filothei, Attica, we are rapidly growing as a wholesale trading and distribution company of pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical products.
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SERVICESComprehensive solutions for your needs from Marvifarm

The high quality of our services and innovation are the main factors of our company's recognition
Quality Services
Specialized advice
Effective assistance
Customized solutions
Rich range of services
Customer support

ADVANTAGESOver 24 years of experience

With a rich history in our industry, we have cultivated invaluable experience that enables us to deliver high-quality services and meet the needs of our customers with efficiency and reliability
Customized Solutions
Excellent Service
Continuous Support
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Modern Facilities and Innovative Ordering Tools

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PEOPLESpecialized, Trained Staff with High Responsibility

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The human capital is the driving force behind the success of MARVIFARM A.E. It consists of specialized and trained personnel, ranging from the Marketing and Sales department and Call Center staff to route and delivery managers, order processors, and distribution teams. All members of our company work collaboratively, with a high sense of responsibility, focusing on providing high-quality products and services to our clients and end consumers
Who we are
MARVIFARM A.E. is a rapidly growing wholesale and distribution company of pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical products, based in Nea Filothei, Attica. Established in 1996 by pharmacists Vasileios and Andreas Maragos, the company's family tradition in the field of pharmacy, ambitious business plan, and enduring commitment to healthcare have been the most secure guarantees for the successful evolution of the project. The extensive market knowledge, specialized personnel, quality of services provided, and innovative tools have been and continue to be the key factors for the recognition of our company.
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Who we are
We successfully combine tradition and innovation, always for the benefit of our customers: The strong distribution network of MARVIFARM A.E. effectively covers the needs of numerous points of sale nationwide, demonstrating the excellent training of our salesforce. As a partner in serving the pharmacies that trust us, our online ordering mechanism meets the needs of our customers promptly and reliably, beyond our call center. Through the online mechanism, pharmacies have the ability to check the availability of our warehouse stocks in real-time, as well as access information about the prices of pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical products distributed by our company. Representations of globally renowned companies highlight and confirm the modern and reliable profile that has been systematically established over time. The targeted planning of our Marketing department makes our company one of the pioneers in the field of services. Significant investments in building infrastructure demonstrate our commitment to further development while remaining true to our philosophy.
Our Philosophy
Honesty, communication, professionalism, responsibility, consistency: these are the essential elements of our company's daily operation. Transparency in our transactions: this is how we build strong working relationships with two-way trust and momentum. Open communication with our clients: this is the basis of our efforts to constantly optimize our services. Flexibility in understanding the market's needs is essential for the effective implementation of our commitments and testifies to our readiness to adapt to a frequently changing competitive environment. Continuous training of our human resources in products, new technologies and promotional techniques: constitutes the critical factor of success and guarantee for our customers.
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CERTIFICATIONSQuality and Safety Certifications

MarviFarm S.A. is dedicated to ensuring its operations' highest quality and safety. We invest in developing and implementing strict standards and procedures to meet all domestic and international certifications for proper and safe operation. This commitment gives our customers complete confidence in the quality and integrity of our products and services, reinforcing our successful relationship with the market and strengthening our position as an industry leader.
EN ISO 9001 : 2015

EN ISO 9001 : 2015

Management System
Marvifarm has been certified according to EN ISO 9001:2015, confirming its commitment to high quality and excellence in its processes and services.
DQS certification

DQS certification

Medical Devices Products
Marvifarm's certification confirms our commitment to high safety and quality standards in all our distribution processes.
GDP Certification

GDP Certification

Good Distribution Practice
Confirmation of our commitment to providing high quality in the distribution of pharmaceutical products, ensuring our compliance with international standards.
Our facilities
Our state-of-the-art facilities guarantee full compliance with all international standards for the storage and distribution of our products. Our pharmaceutical storage facilities have state-of-the-art security and environmental control systems to ensure product integrity and quality
Our facilities
MARVIFARM S.A. is housed in state-of-the-art facilities that guarantee compliance with all international standards for storing and distributing pharmaceutical and para pharmaceutical products. Our pharmaceutical storage facilities meet high hygiene and safety standards, providing a reliable environment for maintaining product quality.
Our facilities
The premises and the organization of the departments in our company have been carefully designed to ensure the efficient management of our product stocks. This ensures the availability and speed of order fulfilment, allowing us to respond promptly to our customers' needs. Our storage facilities are designed with efficient organization and ease of access in mind, ensuring smooth workflow processes.
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