MARVIFARM S.A. is a fast growing wholesale and distribution company of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical preparations, based in N. Filothei, Attica. It was created in 1996 by pharmacists Vassilios and Andreas Maragos. The family tradition in the field of medicine, the ambitious business plan and the long-lasting respect for health care were the safest guarantees for the successful development of the project. The broad knowledge of the market, the specialized personnel, the quality of the services provided and the innovative tools were and are the key factors of our company’s recognition. Today, we successfully combine tradition and forefront, always for the benefit of our customers:

The strong distribution network of MARVIFARM S.A. effectively meets the needs of many points of sale all over Greece, demonstrating the excellent training of our Salesforce.

An ally in the service of the pharmacies that we trust, the online ordering mechanism that serves with the promptness and reliability, beyond our call center, the needs of our customers.

Through the online mechanism, the pharmacy has the ability to check availability in real-time stockpiles of our pharmacy, as well as access to information on the prices of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products handled by our company.

Representations of world-class companies highlight and confirm the modern and credible profile that has been mastered in the passage of time.

The targeted design of the Marketing department makes our company the leading service provider.

Significant investment in building infrastructure means the willingness to grow even further, always remaining faithful to our philosophy.



Honesty, communication, professionalism, accountability, consistency: these are the basic elements of our daily operation. Transparency in our transactions: we build strong cooperative relationships with two-way confidence and dynamism. Open communication with our customers: this is our attempt to constantly optimize our services. Flexibility in understanding market needs: it is necessary to effectively implement our commitments and shows readiness to adapt to a frequently changing competitive environment. Continuous training of our human resources in products, new technologies and promotional techniques: it is the most important factor of success and guarantee for our customers.



The human potential is the driving force for the success of MARVIFARM S.A. It is made up of qualified and trained staff, starting with the Sales and Marketing department and Call Center executives, to the route and receipt managers, order pickers, distribution team. All our executives work collectively, with a high sense of responsibility and quality in delivering products and services to our customers and final consumers.



MARVIFARM S.A. is housed in state-of-the-art facilities that guarantee compliance with all international standards of storage and distribution of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products. The spaces and the layout of our company’s departments ensure perfect and sufficient stock of products as well as the speed of order execution.




MARVIFARM S.A. meets all domestic and international certifications of safe and secure operation.



Kon. Perrikou 24 Νea Filothei,
Athens 115 24
Tel (+30) 210.3837008
Fax (+30) 210.3837788