Our variety of certifications demonstrates our ongoing commitment to quality policy and safe operation.
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MARVIFARM S.A. complies with all domestic and international certifications of correct and safe operation.

The Managing Director of the company V. MARAGKOS S.A. with the distinctive title MARVIFARM, Mr. Andreas Maragos as its Legal Representative, having always as a basic rule the observance of the Laws governing its operation at all levels and the satisfaction of the requirements of its customers, but also of all stakeholders related, affected or influenced, directly or indirectly by its activity, considers quality as a basic condition for the achievement of this purpose. The approach to quality is a continuous and strictly defined process that provides the guarantees for the company’s consistent presence in the area in which it operates. For these reasons, the company applies a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of the ISO 9001 Standard and the Ministerial Decision DY8d/G.P.OIK./1348/2004. The Management of the company declares its commitment to quality through the Quality Policy, which is reviewed and modified whenever necessary to meet the needs and expectations of customers and other stakeholders. It shall ensure that it is reviewed regularly on an annual basis to ensure that it is updated in a timely manner when required.

The Company’s Management through the Quality Policy is committed to:

  • the systematic monitoring and strict compliance with the Laws and Regulations concerning the operation of the company at all levels
  • the provision of quality services, in accordance with the requirements of customers, with the aim of continuously increasing their satisfaction
  • the systematic updating of the company on developments in the field of its activity
  • the continuous effort to standardise its operating procedures in a way that promotes and ensures the provision of friendly and efficient service and the development of harmonious cooperation with its customers and suppliers
  • the continuous monitoring of the compliance of the services provided
  • the marketing of products at competitive costs, making the best possible use of human resources, equipment and know-how
  • the effective resolution of issues of concern to customers with immediate response to their requests
  • the careful selection and evaluation of suppliers and other partners
  • the existence of suitably qualified staff, with knowledge, experience and skills to ensure the correct execution of the work, as well as continuous, systematic and in-depth training to ensure the improvement of their performance
  • the provision of all the resources, manpower and equipment required to carry out the work properly
  • the creation of a working environment in which each employee can develop further skills, tasks and initiatives
    strengthening all internal cooperation, promoting all forms of internal communication and creating a team spirit among all members of the company and at all levels
  • encouraging staff to participate actively, both individually and as a team, in their area of operation in order to achieve quality objectives
    to keep employees informed of quality issues and to take any action necessary to contribute to the continuous improvement of the System
    maintaining confidentiality both within the company in relation to its personnel and in the context of its dealings with customers and suppliers

MARVIFARM S.A. has all the certifications.

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